WhiteHouse Farm

WhiteHouse Farm is a family owned and operated business located in Williamstown, Kentucky. Our farm is just 28 miles from the Northern Kentucky, and about 45 miles from Lexington, Kentucky. WhiteHouse Farm’s vision is to grow specialty plants and new release perennials and ornamental shrubs that you see in magazines, but can’t find in the local nurseries. We desire to grow these plants and make them available to our neighbors to enjoy around their home.

WhiteHouse Farm also grows vegetables, Fresh Herbs, Cut Flowers, and Fresh Fruits in season. In today’s world, food safety is a real concern to many families. WhiteHouse Farm grows all of our food locally by all natural means. Our food is harvested and then sold within a 30 mile radius of our farm. Our family is excited about this opportunity to serve your family. Please bookmark our site and check back often to see our offerings.

WhiteHouse Farm is committed to communicating to you about where we will be selling, and what we will have available for you. On the right site of our site you will find a calendar that we update weekly. Below that you will find our Facebook page which we update quite frequently with events, offerings, recipes, and farm updates. Then you will find our posts which includes updates about what’s going on at our farm. Sometimes we will talk about new plants that we are growing and when we expect them to be available. Other times we may share when our tomato’s will be available. So we invite you to take a look around and get familiar with our farm and what we have available to you.