WhiteHouse Farm

Spring 2024 has finally arrived in Northern Kentucky. With the warmer temperatures comes new growth and new possibilities. Here on our farm we are working to add new offerings for our friends and neighbors to enjoy. This year we are expanding our bee farm operation to be able to provide fresh local honey and personal care products. We are also developing our vineyard and bramble farm operation after trying out a few grape Vines, figs, and strawberries last year. This proved to be a viable crop so new rows of vines, sections of brambles, and pots of blueberries have been added this spring. We hope to continue to add to our offerings each year to provide for your fresh eating, baking, brewing, and jelly/jam making needs.

WhiteHouse Farm is a family owned and operated business located in Williamstown, Kentucky. Our farm is just 28 miles from the Northern Kentucky, and about 45 miles from Lexington, Kentucky. WhiteHouse Farm’s vision is to grow specialty plants and new release perennials and ornamental shrubs that you see in magazines, but can’t find in the local nurseries. We desire to grow these plants and make them available to our neighbors to enjoy around their home.

WhiteHouse Farm takes pride in growing unique and hard to find plants that you just can’t find at local nurseries, such as the Hibiscus ‘Watermelon Ruffles’ which is a new release from Walters Gardens for 2024 growing season!

There are many new plants in the pipeline that we are watching, one of the plants that really has our attention is a Salvia named, ‘ Big Sky’. What a beautiful perenial for the garden that is great for attracting pollinators! We will be considering to offer this great perennial for the 2025 growing season!