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Christmas Eve Update

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Today is Christmas Eve and Gina and I just got back from Christmas Eve service. When the kids were younger this was quite a busy day, especially during the early years when we were in the military. These days Christmas Eve is full of last minute things, baking and cooking for the big day on the 25th! So I wanted to take just a few minutes and update where we are at the farm. My last update was a video update, which I kind of like. There is something more personal about a video than a page of text. That’s what I would like this to be, a personal conversation between you and me. My last video was a spur of the moment idea which I used my iPhone to make. This time I set up the GoPro camera so it should be a much higher quality product. I hope you find these posts on our site to be useful. We acquired this property is May of 2020 and now here we are at the end of December! This land was completely raw and undeveloped. In a short 7 months we have been able to make some large changes to this property. Sharing these changes I believe helps to share who we are and how we look at things. Isn’t that important to know something about those who grow your food? Well we are going to enjoy our Christmas Eve, so we want to wish you a very merry Christmas.

A view of the grow room
These images are from December 19, 2020. Since then I have completed more of the wall on Dec.22nd. I hope to complete the wall this Saturday.

Merry Christmas from WhiteHouse Farm

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Something New Is Coming to the Farm


Today I am starting something different. I have always wanted to have videos as a part of the business, they are an incredible way to express ideas and concepts. I was at the farm today working on getting the gas lines completed, and fixing the man door, and I decided that it was time! So I am going to start now. I have a GoPro camera and equipment to make a good quality video, but I didn’t have any if it with me. All I had was my Iphone, so I did a Google search to make sure that I could easily get my video onto YouTube and then embed it into this post. So here it is:

My desire it to continue to make additional videos to share what we are up to on the farm. They will all be kept on a YouTube Channel, this will make them easy to access. If you desire to follow our videos you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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