The Clock Is Ticking….

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I made a trip to the farm this afternoon relocate some plants and hopefully get some more of the wiggle worm bases attached to the frame. Unfortunately it was way too wet to work on the greenhouse pad. So I was only able unload plants at the farm. The good news is we are starting to get our yard back at our home! I have several benches that are now ready to make their trip to the farm. Gina and I are excited to get our backyard back, for many years this has been where I have grown all of my plants. Gina has been patient with me over not having a “normal” backyard. So this will be a nice change for us. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the weather forecast over the last several weeks because I am quite aware that time is running out to get the greenhouse complete. I am a bit anxious because there is rain in the forecast several times this week. With the cooler temps the farm doesn’t dry out very fast. I really need two days of dry windless days to finish, so I am praying for better weather conditions before the bottom drops out for the rest of the year.

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