June 13th 2020 Farm Activity

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So far June 2020 has been somewhat lacking of activity on the farm. The Landscape business is so busy that there hasn’t been much time to continue developing the farm now that the initial excavation has been done. We have taken the setback measurements from the road, (the surveyor finally got the property staked so we know exactly where the borders are.) and have begun grading out access roads. All of the legal documents are being finalized, and will be signed off soon. We have ordered the cabin, and the Amish are currently building it! We expect delivery the last week of June 2020. Just today (June 13th) I took out the measuring wheel and flagged the road for final grading, and the site for the first two greenhouses. The first greenhouse frame has been ordered and should arrive the middle of July. Once all of the legal docs are signed off we will be getting the water onto the property. There will be tons of activity to report soon.

Oh, very important !! The porta potty has arrived!! for me this is exciting!! nothing worse than being busy on the farm and suddenly have to go!! The closest gas station is about 4-5 miles down the road near the Williamstown exit off of I-75. This will be a lifesaver!! My wife picked it out, it is female approved! It has a sink inside! It’s a very nice porta potty and I’m grateful for it!

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