Greenhouse Construction Begins!

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We are so excited that construction on our first greenhouse has begun! I must say that this is the most precise thing I have ever done! I think I measured each of the four sides at least six times and the diagonal measurements four times before the first ground post went into the ground. The first side of the greenhouse ground posts are all in the ground, although they need to be driven to the same consistent height.

The plan is to get the opposing side set tomorrow, finish back filling the water lines next weekend, then come back and finish the greenhouse build on Labor day weekend. We would like to be under film by mid September at the latest. I have been seeing the geese getting restless flying here and there. Stirring geese is a reminder that Fall is quickly coming, and frost not too far away. So we want to get our greenhouse covered and ready for the cold weather as soon as possible. Once the house is up there is still a lot to be done to make it functional for 2021 production.

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