Excavation Complete

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The heavy equipment is gone and the first phase of farm development is complete. The South side of the farm has been graded, we now have access from one side of the farm to the other without have to cross neighboring properties. The south side has been plotted on graph paper and the layout process has begun

The next step is to get the access roads graded out and bring in some gravel for permanent access roads. The south side of the farm will be flagged soon breaking it down into 60 foot by 60 foot grids. This will allow us to layout and develop to property in a more manageable size. We have a new Amish build cabin being built, we expect it to be brought in on a flatbed in June.

We plan on getting water tapped and ran across the road onto our farm. A Greenhouse frame has been chosen, we want to place our order and have the greenhouse frames delivered this July. Beds need to be laid out, tilled and covered until they can be planted. There is a lot of work to be done, but we love what we are doing. It’s a labor of love!

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