Almost Back To Normal

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What a difference a couple of days can make. I was able to get back down to the farm this afternoon and get a few things done.

I was able to get the yard hydrant near the cabin installed, I then began on the hydrant at the greenhouse pad and it started to pour. I walk back to the cabin to sit on the porch and wait it out. As soon as I sat down the rain stopped, …figures!

This section of the water line run has a “T” for the hydrant, then a shutoff valve, then a plug for the continuation of the line at a later date. I started to get the hydrant installed and realize that I needed two more pipe stiffeners, so the last hydrant isn’t installed yet.

I was able to get more of the trench back filled, and regrade the road that leads from the main driveway down to the greenhouse pad roughed out. So I will get some more stiffeners to finish installing the greenhouse hydrant, then turn on the water and hope for no issues at any of the connections.

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