What makes a great farm? Well of course the most important thing is the land. WhiteHouse Farm is located on 7.39 acres in Williamstown, Kentucky. We have beautiful rolling hills with views in all directions. We will be working with the land using permaculture practices to improve the rolling hills that Kentucky is known for, making them suitable for growing crops. In the recent past this land has had horses and cattle on it at different times. The land has been void of activity for about seven years. In this time frame black locust has tried to colonize the land, which we have immediately put a stop to. Brambles have also populated large swathes of the property on the lower north facing side which will need to be cleared. Our land is zoned undeveloped agricultural land, so once the excavation is finished we will be busy establishing the infrastructure for the farm. Water is available across the road, so this will be the first priority to have this utility tapped and brought onto the farm. Next we will be laying out permanent beds for growing our nursery stock and mixed vegetables in. The orchard will be laid out in a separate area of its own. Cold frames will be purchased in Late May once the excavator is done with his work, and will be erected in June of 2020. The first four apple trees have arrived and will be potted this Spring, then transplanted Fall of 2020 into the orchard on the farm. These are exciting times as the land has so much potential, we desire to bring out the best that the land has to offer.

The second part of a great farm is found in the people. People have choices, we can do what is best for the land, or we can do what is easy. WhiteHouse Farm is an expansion of WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC. When our landscape business was established we marketed it as an all natural business. This has always been our habit, to not force nature but instead work with nature. Nature has a method to care for itself, its full of checks and balances. Within the WhiteHouse brand our goal is to aid nature where needed to maintain balance. We nurture, monitor and only intervene to maintain balance. This concept will carry over into the farm. Our goal is to grow landscape plants and food products that are healthy, strong, and beautiful. We do this by what else, all natural means! We will NOT use synthetic fertilizers or herbicides in our operations. We will not rush our operations, nature has its timing and we are just along for the ride. Each crop has its own season and we will just have to wait for it, enjoying the quality once its ready. We grow plants you can trust. If you desire pure food and healthy strong landscape plants then we ask that you check out what we have available for sale starting in the Spring of 2021.

What can you do for us? Well you can play a part of the success of WhiteHouse Farm in many ways. First and the most obvious is buy our products, but once you do tell your family, friends, and neighbors about your experience. Visit our social media sites then like and share them. We appreciate your virtual love! Leaving us a review on Google is HUGE, so please leave reviews on Google. Many people are using Yelp these days, please leave reviews on Yelp. Leave suggestions of things that we may not have thought of. Things that would make the experience special. We love hearing from our guests. you can text you messages to our business number, or email us. Please leave a means to respond back to you. we would like to be able to interact with you about your comment…. and offer a heart felts thanks. Let us know what we should be growing! We are open to explore new plants, vegetables, herbs and fruits. Keep in mind that some plants just don’t grow well here and may not be a good idea.

We invite you to follow along as the farm takes shape and becomes productive. We will add posts about the progress, plans, and programs as they develop so please check back often.