22 Tons of Sand and a 150 Ft of Trench!

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Well as I arrived at the farm today I began to feel rather overwhelmed. Our excavator dug the trenches for the water lines and dumped 22 tons of sand on the property this week.

The landscape business is very busy with a stacked schedule. This is good news but is making it hard to get the water installed and getting the greenhouse frame erected.

So based on these pictures you can understand the feelings I expressed of being overwhelmed. I spend a few minutes writing in my journal and laid out a plan to get things done, and started feeling better of things.

I have a Dingo reserved for tomorrow with a smooth bucket, and I will be a sand moving fool most of the day. We have 3- 100 foot rolls of poly pipe, Ford fittings , and 2 frost proof yard hydrants. I couldn’t believe how expensive these supplies are, but I don’t have time to dig this line up because of cheap parts. My daughter and her family will be at the farm to help get some things done. Hopefully we can get the sand in the trench, get the lines layed, and another 6 inches of sand on top of that, then back fill the trenches. It’s a lot of work, but I really want to get the farm back to normal. The place feels in such disarray right now with the driveway torn up, access to the other side of the farm blocked with soil, and a giant pile of sand in the front lawn. I can’t wait to get the water turned on and get to building our greenhouse.

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