Month: October 2020

The Clock Is Ticking….

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I made a trip to the farm this afternoon relocate some plants and hopefully get some more of the wiggle worm bases attached to the frame. Unfortunately it was way too wet to work on the greenhouse pad. So I was only able unload plants at the farm. The good news is we are starting to get our yard back at our home! I have several benches that are now ready to make their trip to the farm. Gina and I are excited to get our backyard back, for many years this has been where I have grown all of my plants. Gina has been patient with me over not having a “normal” backyard. So this will be a nice change for us. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the weather forecast over the last several weeks because I am quite aware that time is running out to get the greenhouse complete. I am a bit anxious because there is rain in the forecast several times this week. With the cooler temps the farm doesn’t dry out very fast. I really need two days of dry windless days to finish, so I am praying for better weather conditions before the bottom drops out for the rest of the year.

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All framed in… Finally

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It has been a long time in coming, but the greenhouse frame is complete. The damaged hoop replacement finally arrived last Thursday and I was able to bolt it all together and tie in the purlins. Yesterday (Tuesday October 13th) I went to the farm to connect the end wall that I prefabricated to find that the wind storm we had on Monday had knocked it over along with the scaffolding that was helping to hold it in place… at least I thought it would hold it. This was frustrating, but I was able to piece it all back together and connect it to the main structure.

This is what I’m referring to as the rear entrance. I intentionally spaced the entrance door to the left of the frame. I did this to gain maximum use of the rear wall space. If I would position it in the middle of the house, which is somewhat traditional spacing, then I would have to work around the door. This is my plan for the greenhouse.

As you can see in the top left corner is the entrance door. With this positioning I am able to have a wood burning stove and two 4’x8′ potting benches along the rear wall. If the door was positioned in the center this wouldn’t be possible.

This was my problem child, the end frame that I found on the ground. When deciding what to do with this end of the house, I wanted to allow full access to the inside of the house. So I pulled my truck into the house so I could determine how wide and how tall I might want the entrance to be. What I decided to do was create a door 9’2″ wide, and 7′-2″ tall. This size would allow me to pull a truck or my tractor inside of the greenhouse. This can be quite helpful when moving plants. It also allows for ventilation in the Summer when the house would get quite hot. This is my current plan for that end of the house.

As you can see I have a wide opening on this end of the house which will allow for good access inside the house. The main crop on this side of the house will be vegetables and herbs. So this large opening will allow for easy access to be able to load product ready for market.

So what’s next?

I am quite aware that the weather is changing quickly, and if we don’t get the film on soon we may not be able to do so until next Spring. This would be quite disastrous considering our order for hanging basket plants, and bedding plants have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive starting in late January. So with this said, getting the side boards and the wiggle worm bases installed is a priority. We really need to get the film installed on November 1st. This is our goal to be under film by November 1st.

Framing Up The Sides

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I was able to get out to the farm after selling at the Boone County Farmers Market today. Right now the priority is getting the greenhouse ends built. I was able to get half of one end build, the angle brackets for the rest of the vertical braces mounted, and the vertical drilled. The next visit I should be able to get the rest of the end frame completed.

The replacement hoop has been shipped and is expected to arrive on October 6th. So there is finally signs of completion in sight which is feeling really good. I have been nervous about this build from the beginning. The completion of this greenhouse is key to the success of the farm, it’s that important!

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Boone County Farmers Market

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We will be at the Boone County Farmers Market this Saturday October 3, 2020. We have been selling our Belgian mums for the last two weeks. First at the Boone County Arboretum Fall plant sale which was hosted at Ammon Nursery. We sold out of all of the mums we had on hand. The second week was at the Boone County Farmers Market which is at Camp Ernst and KY18. We decided to bring twice as many as week one, and sold just over half of them! We are expecting to completely sell out of all of the mums we have grown in the next two weeks! We are so excited over the response we have had to our mums in our first year. We want to thank everyone who has purchased our plants, we hope our mums help you get the most of this incredible season of color and cooler weather.

Fall is probably my favorite season of the year. I enjoy the cool crisp air of the season. Time seems to slow a bit in the Fall, as we all get a break from the stress of Summer. I enjoy the color show the trees provide. When our kids were small we use to take them to the pumpkin patches on Route 8 along the Ohio river. We would wander the patches looking for the perfect pumpkin. Then there was the apple fritters and apple cider. These are all precious memories my wife and I treasure.

It is our desire for you to be able to create your own Fall memories, whether with your children or that someone special. Mums are our first step in assisting your to enjoy the Fall season. In 2021 we will grow your mums once again, but also pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks on our farm. We at WhiteHouse Farm wish you an incredible Fall season. We hope to see your at the Boone County Farmers Market this Saturday to get your mums!

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