Month: September 2020

One step closer to a functional greenhouse

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Well just as I predicted, we did not work at the farm on Saturday. We loaded up our trailer and set up at the Boone County Farmers Market at Camp Ernst Road and KY18. It was a great morning to be at the market and we sold over half of the mums we had available plus several perennials and one tropical. We did make it on Sunday, we actually made it to the farm early. We watched our Church service online and had breakfast before getting to work.

We normally wouldn’t work on a Sunday, but we unfortunately we have a time constrained to get our greenhouse build and covered before the strong winds of Fall kick up. Today was a very productive day! I was able to get the final six sections of center purlins installed. So the whole frame is done except for the last hoop which we are waiting for the manufacturer to replace. On the end of the frame you will notice all four purlins extended in the air beyond the frame. Once we receive the replacement hoop we will bolt it together and then bolt the purlins to the hoop and the frame is complete.

I’m hoping to get out to the farm tomorrow morning if it isn’t raining and get some grading done, lay the Geo fabric, then start building the end wall. We bought a complete frame which includes end walls. So I will get one wall build, so that once the replacement hoop arrives and is tied in we can build the other wall. I still want to get the greenhouse film on during the week of October 11th. I’m hoping the hoop ships and arrives as soon as possible.

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Greenhouse frame is almost complete

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There has been several projects on the farm needing to be completed. The water line installation is finally complete, all of the rain we have had along with demands of the landscape business have caused this project to drag out too long. I am glad that water installation is behind us. Now all focus is on getting the greenhouse completed. I was able to break away from the landscape work and head to the farm today.

I’m going to guess that this isn’t an OSHA approved method to complete our project! The peak of the greenhouse comes in at about 12 feet, so this is the most efficient and effective means to get the top purlins connected. I have found that the tubes that were shipped to us wasn’t drilled out completely. I have had to use a punch to help line up the holes and a hammer to tap them through the holes. Needless to say this doesn’t help the threads too much, but we are making it work. The other option would be to drill the holes out so the bolts can pass through the holes properly. This seems like a lot more work considering that not all of the holes are undersized.

As you can see I was able to get quite a bit completed in about three house. I have been keeping in the back of my mind that the cold weather and strong winds of Fall will be upon us soon. So this project must be completed soon. The film for this greenhouse is 75 feet long and 50 feet wide. To successfully cover this house we need a day with winds less than 2 MPH, and it would be nice to have at least some sun to cause the film to expand so that when it is fastened onto the house it will contract as the weather cools and create a tight fit over winter.

So the plan is to finish up mowing tomorrow and then head back out to the farm to finish the last of the purlins, then possibly get the end wall built on this side of the greenhouse. Unfortunately a few of the poles were damaged in transit, so we are waiting for replacements to be fabricated and shipped to us. I would like to have the film on the house by the week of October 4th. In the mean time while we wait for the replacements we can get the baseboards on, and the wiggleworm bases attached. That was all that is left is to build the last end wall and attach the film. I will feel so much better once the film is successfully attached.

At Least The Frogs Are Happy

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Well at least we have happy frogs right now. This is the current state of this water line trench. With the constant rain this trench keeps filling up with water. I was hoping that it would drain naturally and then I could back fill the sand and soil. With this new weather pattern we are in we keep getting rain every day or two. Looks like on a dry day I will have to pump it out to be able to fill it in. This is the last section of the trench that needs to be back filled then the water line project is 100% complete! The next project is the greenhouse build which is scheduled for this Saturday. Once the greenhouse structure is built and covered with film we will actually have a functioning farm! This is pretty exciting to get the greenhouse filled with all of our nursery stock, then Mid Winter get seed trays started for Spring sales! There is a lot to get done and the cold weather isn’t too far off now.